New Orleans 12/12-12/15/98


whereas, avoiding is as difficult and/or
dangerous as finding -
love, in splendor,
watching and waiting behind the corner,
an ornery character

my sundrenched lover
cheeks sublime
on a white morning

down south the air stands still
looking to catch a glance,
the subject always transitory
and amorphous

a tiny secret cannot help but scream,
a repressed desire is kept in a holster

dying a tear, I do not know
what will happen.
I do not know what will happen.

Here is my palm, even if temporarily,
I cannot look away -
this moment I see in photographs
and scents.

felt, internally, felt with a vengeance,

Walking these steps, all resonates in
stone of a memory.

Here are the fossils of my life in an attic,
a cobweb, a recollection, and a reminder
left in a shoebox, do not rustle.

But every movement shakes and
reverberates it's contents,
my museum suffering earthquakes...

Volume alleviates confusion,
music overwhelms the moment -
incessant, incessant, incessant.
trampoline kisses on a ledge wavering...

walking backwards, falling off cliff,
screaming, "friends, let's swim"

morning shake, shake, crawl...
prescipice white top floor peak,
careening screams....

welcome, it is now unknown o'clock...
run the water, the day awaits anew,
I am shadows creeping, sensing motions,
sleeping with the angels again, clasped...

collections for the young,
I show you this on a twisted time,
decadence betraying innocence,
watching a transaction, crescendo dreams,
this breathe is sweet.

she sways and gives me more more,
and a drip slips, but agonizing time,
I am a candle to this river,
etching in hearts,
yes, darling, "hearts" a suit, a set,
a tremble, digression in degrees...
more, please.  more please.

"I will never see you again"
"You don't know that"
To walk away from this,
a short tear is no less painful.